10 days till Christmas.

There are not very many days left till Christmas which means 2010 is coming fast. It is also a time that people begin to think about making resolutions for the New Year!! However, many people have quit doing that as they find it is too difficult to …STOP eating something or to stop smoking or some other bad habit they may have…however by the end of February the guilt sets in as the resolution disappears.

 So what I have done for the past few years is to …instead of trying to quit a bad habbit….I have resolved to begin to begin a new good one and to  make my life better by adding to it. For example, one year I resolved to  buy only vine ripened tomatoes!! It was not only easy to do but sure made all my salads much more enjoyable to eat. So think about it a bit and I am sure you can come up with something to ADD to your life..and maybe this year you can make a resolution you will be able to keep.  How is that for a great way to start the year.

I got an email from my illustrator today. I asked him for a side view of Sam..to help me in making my little figurine of him. A quick sketch but it will be very helpful.

And now…on to my Santa collection once again……