11 days till Christmas. Tis the season to be jolly...fa la la, la la, la la, la la.

In my book publishing contract,  it includes 10 illustrations for my little book. That could be ten full pages, 20 half pages, or even 40 quarter pages…any combination to make it ten in total. I was thinking about it all today and hoping that Kurt, my Tate illustrator would email me today with an update on how Sam is coming along. I did give him an idea for the cover …Sam sitting on a pile of shoes with his glasses all askew and a very confused look on his face. I wonder if he will consider it at all.

So once again I am a bit nervous about the next stage of my book and am hoping I will like the images Kurt produces for me. I never realized how important Sam’s Weird Afternoon would become to me but it has. Once the final Sam was created, I realized, he was mine…my very own little alter ego as my sister put it. Now I have one child, two dogs and Sam to worry about. This whole experience is Weird, very Weird!!!

But now, instead of worrying, let’s get on to Christmas and sharing. I have a couple more Santas to share with all of you …..

These three Santas were given to me by my dear friend Susan. Every year she seems to find another different little guy to add to my collection. The one with the only a flat painted face is actually a teaspoon with the handle bent over to hook onto the tree branch.