I have some more Santas to share with you today, but first a thought.  Snowflakes…yes…snowflakes. 

13 days till Christmas

I was thinking about how much they are like us, no two the same.  And then I glanced out my window to see thousands of those beautiful little creations falling from the sky as the wind blew them and I thought …life is like a snowflake. As I watch them fall the wind blows it carries them in many different directions. As they fall to the ground, some pile up into drifts while others find a little corner of the sidewalk to land on. Others swirl around and land on the roof of a house while still others find a landing-place on the back of a small bird until it takes flight and it swirls off to another location, only to finally disappear by melting. Life it kind of like that….they swirl around and land…but when a later wind blows by, the snowflake can be carried off to a new site… over and over again.

Life is like a snowflake….fragile, beautiful, full of adventures and opportunities…. with a lifespan that is but a split second long.. in the real scheme of things.  Find joy in where ever your wind may toss you. 

My mother sent me this one.

I bought this ceramic figure and spent a few hours painting him.

I have to go now….big family Christmas gathering today and I still have lots to do. I am making a new dish today which I got from Marty… and if it comes out good I just may pass it on to you tomorrow.  Till then…happy day.