14 more days till Christmas. Wow the days are speeding by!

Yesterday I got to thinking about Christmas and all the wonderful movies that have been made through the years. My favorite has always been…Miracle on 34th Street when the US postal service in a US court room stated that there was a Santa Claus. I have watched it year after year and still get teary eyed  at the end, happy tears that is.

And then for some reason I decided to google christmas movies and in the process I found out that in 1951, the year I was born, was the year the original Scrooge movie from the story by Charles Dickens…. with Alister Sim came out!!  the same year I was born…How cool that is!  I have watched that one so much that I know parts of it, word for word.

So, maybe that is one reason why I am such a Christmas lover…The Christmas Carol movie  and Me born in the same year.

Any how….let’t get on with my Santa Parade. I am having so much fun documenting and showing them to you. I have no more room for any new ones…but this is like getting them all over again, so here goes…..

The following is a collection of Santas that are about 5 inches tall ,made out of bisque and are very fragile.  I received a small box from the US  ( I live in Canada) in the mail a few years ago to find these little figurines all packed inside. I was amazed they made it in one piece as they were only wrapped with one  paper towel around each, tightly snuggled together in a cardboard box with no lining for protection. Some how they managed to get to me in tact. These belonged to my mom and my siblings thought I might like them so sent them to me after she was gone. Little did they know how very precious they would be  to me and each year I very carefully wrap them in lots of towelling , snuggled tightly together …to make sure their little fragile bodies stay warm and safe.  



This is an old christmas post card I acquired. I don't know how old it is but on the back it says ...postage...one cent. In my life I don't think postage was ever that inexpensive....American OR Canadian..so that is a bit telling...at least half a century old !!!