15 more days till Christmas.

I have never been the big reader of books but this past year I was invited to join a book club. At first I debated but then I thought maybe this would be one way to motivate me to read.  And I have done just that. I have read …The Book of Negros…The Dance of the Dissident Daughter…Angela’s Ashes…The Diving Bell and the Butterfly so far. I have not read every book the club has discussed but for me I have done pretty good. We meet tonight to discuss The Friday Night Knitting Club….and this one, I have to admit, never got read…too busy with Sam  my blog , shoe laces and my book. Although I had it for 2 weeks, it just stared at me each time I passed it knowing all too  well that it would never be picked up. It went back to the library and I did not even read the back cover.

So again , here I have more of my Santas….in fact I found another box with more of them. I knew I was missing some but had no idea where they went until I found a little box tucked into the back of a closet…. Keep checking here daily to see more of my Santa collection. I have many mor to share. Have a great day.

I bought this little one.Two Santa plates...I have not been able to find any more to match.A little Santa pin my mom made.I had to buy this one because of all the buttons...I am a button collector as well. This collection was made by Ken a past coworker. He grew christmas trees on his land and would make these little guys from the left over branches. Ken has passed away which makes these guys even more special to me.

These Santas were made by my friend Ken W. He used to grow christmas trees on his land and each year he would take the leftover branches from those trees and carve out these little guys. Ken has since passed away which makes these little guys a very special part of my collection.

I made this Santa. He was so much fun making that if I remember correctly a number of my friends recieved one just like it.

I found this very small Santa at a flea market in Germany for just a few euros. He looked a bit sad and dirty until I cleaned him up.