Not a lot on my mind today. It is Wednesday and I will go quilting. That’s all I have to say and now for some more Santas….

There is only 16 days till Christmas…are you ready?


Here are three more Santas from my collection.       The one with the glasses and pipe is made out of cloth. His hair gets wilder and wilder each year I take him out.  The one with the red hat and the little bell at the end of it is a tree decoration I made out of sculpey clay many years ago.  The Santa with all the toys I found in the most wonderful Christmas store in a quaint little town in Germany. I have lots to do today and so my entry will be a short one.  If you have a special Santa, send a picture of him my way. I would love to see him. 

I do have to tell you that when Christmas comes along I do wish I was a man. How weird you might think, but that is because I would love to be a Santa and see the magic in the faces of the children when I would talk with them. Friends say…do it …but being only        four feet ten inches tall, I don’t really think I could pull it off. And a beard… a fake beard would just not do.

 Till next time….your wanna be Santa.