19 days till Christmas.

Tomorrow I am hoping to hear from my illustrator on how it is all going. I must tell you I received an interesting email today…someone read about my idea about using shoe laces to hand out at book signing…and she HAS shoelaces and would love to help me out! I have emailed her and hope to hear from her about different types. I am finding it amazing all the people who have connected with my blog.

Today is Sunday however I want to talk a bit about words…

Words for the year …yes…I just found out …there are WORDS FOR THE YEAR !!  And in my weekend paper, the Feed Your intellect section, that is exactly what they discussed. It seems some of the past words have been, Mom in 1996… metrosexual in 2003, have you ever had reason to use THAT one?? or  purple state in 2004, and millennium bug in 1997…have you heard that one lately???  I am not quite sure of the reasoning for a yearly word, any thoughts on that one?

It seems that in 2009 the word is…unfriendthe heartless act of removing someone as a ‘friend’ on Facebook or other social network.

So I ask you, have you decided to unfriend someone lately??  First of all, I probably have a lot of ‘friends’ who are not really my friends so would it really be a heartless act to unfriend them?  How can an act be heartless if there are no emotional ties between two people? Oh yes, some of my ‘friends’ are really my friends and I suppose to unfriend one of them might fall into that category, but why would I unfriend a true friend? 

So now I am wondering about my next word for the week…..hmmm, what will it be  for tomorrow?