Eighteen days till Christmas...lots to do.

 Those little black dots you see are not problems with your eyes…it is SNOW!  …yes snow…..it is snowing on my blog.

I know it is Monday but word for the week will have to wait till later.

I am excited this morning….I have made a marketing decision and I am excited!!  Shoe laces!!!  Yes shoelaces!!!!   I have decided that I will give shoe laces out at my book signings.  They are very neat and fit Sam’s persona so well that even my Illustrator loves the idea and is going to change Sam’s laces to match the ones I will give out !!   Now how it that for marketing?

And now I need to get back to working on Sam. I ordered some more sculpey clay this morning…Michael’s in Brandon…and my dear husband will stop in and pick it up for me this morning. Things are going well and Sam’s Weird Afternoon is coming together nicely. I can’t wait to see what kind of pictures are being created for the book. Patience, patience I keep telling myself.

So do you have a children’s book out there you are hoping to sell?  Have you come up with an  interesting marketing idea?

Zula and Sage, just hanging out waiting for Michelle to come home for the holidays.