The snow had to go…it was so distracting and looked more like rain.

Collecting Santas…..I was just having my morning coffee and looking at all of my christmas decorations. I have a very large christmas collection of Santa’s, Father Christmas’, Pere Noel…or what ever you want to call them. For many years I made Santa’s and then friends began giving me Santas and that is how my collection grew. When my mom passed away, she too had a collection which my siblings so kindly sent my way.It is amazing how many different images  people have come up with. I thought this morning…why not share them with you ?  So that is my plan. Each day I will show you some of my special little guys. They pretty well take over the house once they are all out. Fortunately some of them are small enough to go on our tree which is good.  So here are a few for you to enjoy today……

This one is from Carley.

This is one that I made…face is made out of Sculpey Clay.

Some of my mom's collection.