The making of Sam is still on hold. I have been to the only stores in the area that might have Sculpey Clay…but I have not been successful. Today I tried another store but ended up coming home with a new vacuum head instead.  A vacuum head you may say???  A store that sells craft items and vacuum parts???  Yap…you got it.  Janzen’s Paint and Hobby Store is what is called and they just happen to sell vacuums as well.  Anyway…they did not have my clay but at least I did not go home empty-handed and the nice clerk threw in a vacuum head adapter for free! 

Now…..If you have checked in on my ramblings you will have noticed that every Monday I have a new vocabulary/word for the week. My first thought  was “What a great way to increase…what is presently… a very limited vocabulary”.  However,  I will say that it has done me just fine for my 50 some odd years, but, a new word or two can’t hurt when chatting with the local rocket scientist or brain surgeon. So as I said, one word a week will do me just fine.

Now there is one little problem. Last night while having dinner at friend’s  home, I got chatting about my postings  of new words. I was feeling pretty good about it all until I was asked    what are they ? …the words that is. Nothing like putting a damper on my good feeling. my mind went totally blank and it seemed I remembered their meaning, but not the actual words. Kind of defeating my whole purpose for collecting them , wouldn’t you say??

So Now, I will try to daily review my word posts  so that maybe one or two will actually stick!!

If anyone out there has a new word for me…send it my way. I will be sure to post it one of these coming Mondays.  And if you have a word and a way for me to remember it…that would be even better . Not much else to say today except…..

20 days till Christmas.