22 days till Christmas

Before I really get going on writing, friends and connections, I want to get some feedback about my Christmas countdown…should it read 22…or 21 days left? I was talking that over with my dear friend Sue today and we debated over how you decide? It depends upon if you count the 25th as one of the days, or not.. In my mind I am counting in Christmas day as well, since the 25th begins a second after midnight, and I do not start celebrating until I wake, some 8-9 hours later, it makes sense to count the 25th as one of the days. Now if I were to count how many shopping days left…that would be a whole different matter. Any thoughts on it??? Let me know.

Strange connections……Friend (1) , a fellow writer, a published writer to be exact, emailed me the other day ,told me about a writing group she was involved in , called Heartspace. I checked the website and emailed Heartspace to ask about workshops. I received an email back about a workshop coming up….in Morden of all places….my home town, one and a half hours away from where Heartspace meets.

Now…there would be nothing strange about that, …. except I find out,, the person who is to run the Morden workshop is a friend (2) of mine.!! What makes this so interesting to me is that until today, I never knew that (2) wrote at all! How can that be?? We are in a dinner group together and have shared meals and many a social evening together..but writing just never came up in the conversation.
Friends ( 1 )and (2) Both lived in Morden at one time (where I first met them)
Both moved to Winnipeg and live there at present
Now, today I find out that they are both published writers!
They both are connected with Heartspace

 They do not know each other 

   But theyboth know me
Maybe one day all of our paths will cross just at the same exact place and time.

I am beginning to believe what I have read about many writers being introverted, and very quiet about their writings…So I am now wondering, do I have other friends out there who are hiding some wonderful part of their life from me ? I suppose you could compare it someone who had grown a beautiful garden, who hides it away in their backyard never to  invite others to share in the beauty.

So I say…we should share our gardens…what ever they may be.

What kind of garden do you have?