It’s  friday again…already, again!!!  I don’t know how many times I have said or thought those same words, so it should be of no surprise to me.

21 days till Christmas. Sam is still waiting for me to buy some clay so he can come out again.

 However, each friday I am surprised once again. Time just keeps passing by faster and faster and the phrase ..time flies…has taken on real meaning these past years.

What happened to the days when it seemed to take forever for the weekend to arrive with no school, lots of playing and sleeping in late. Summer months used to last what seemed to be…forever. Now it seems that no sooner do I bake a turkey for Thanksgiving, that I am getting out the decorations for Christmas!! Time seems to pass in the blink of an eye.

So I got to wondering…why does time FLY by so fast as we get older? Does it really fly by faster or does it just seem to do that? Is there a correct speed for which time should pass? Does it have something to do with our age, our minds or is it because be grow bigger and see life differently…like going home and your old yard not being as big as you remember it? So could it all just be our perception of it all? Does it have to do with changes in our brain makeup or… could it all be related to energy and how it affects our bodies? Maybe it is because our lives become so scheduled and organized and we check the time more often as we get older, that the passing of time becomes more obvious?  Maybe as we speed up our daily lives, we also increase the speed of the passing of time.

 If time is passing fast for us while in our fifties, how fast will it speed by when we are eighty?    I was thinking that maybe if we slow our life down, time would also slow down.

But then , do we really want it to slow down and possibly take the chance of  interfering  in some cosmic, unknown plan?  Now that is food for thought, don’t you think?