Sam has kept me very busy this past week…so busy that I almost forgot about my Christmas Decorating….tomorrow I will begin bringing up the boxes. And I must tell you, I have lots of boxes. Boxes of tree decor, boxes of small Santas, boxes of Santa’s with faces made of sculpy clay…some of my creations, and boxes of  christmas dishes and many many more.

23 days left till Christmas.

Back to Sam…yesterday I spent  several hours mixing my sculpy clay to attempt to make the perfect colors of clay to match Kurt’s drawing. I am only missing dark brown…so I will have to do some shopping for it.

For the time being, Sam is nicely put away in my craft room until I have all the clay. I think it is good to put him away for a few days so I will have time to  make contact with the outside world…I feel like I’ve been a bit of a hermit this past while. Not a good thing. However…I have been having fun.

But now I have to go …lunch date with a friend…and the outside world awaits me.