I am going to do my best to give you step by step directions on how to work with sculpy clay. I am making a doll but you can make beads, tree decorations, jewelry, boxes, in fact with this clay you can make just about anything!  So here it goes….. 

 My first body size was too long so I had to take off all the foil , bent

Body with shorter torso.

 the torso wire to shorten it and cover it with foil all over again. I miss calculated when trying to enlarge him from a picture.  

Applying the sculpy clay.

Next I started applying the sculpy clay…about 1/4 of an inch thick. What fun, brings me back to my childhood. It seemed pretty obvious I would have to stabilize Sam’s back somehow. I found a thin small dowling in my craft closet, I think it was a tool for working with clay…but easy enough to get another of those. I needed to use it so, I pushed it up into his head from the back side and pressed the other end into Sam’s back. Perfect!!!  

The foil and clay are starting to actually look like something.

Next stage was to cover the whole body with the clay. Once the body is covered it begins to actually take shape. The face the ears and the nose are going to be a bit tricky.  

 And I am also thinking about the glasses..how will I do those ? I am sure I must have something in my craft room  that will work?  

I am going to have one problem with my Sam…. He is way too top-heavy so will have to be presented in a sitting position. Never thought about that.