24 days till Christmas.

Yea, winter is here !!  There is a beautiful layer of snow on the ground and it’s…beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

I had better clarify…I am not exactly thrilled that winter is here…Manitoba can be awfully cold, and the snowy, icy roads have caused me many a white knuckle drive,….but… ahhh…I must remember…skiing..cross country to be exact, Nature,  the beauty, the quiet and the exercise of course. Haven’t skied  much the past few years, however, there is nothing stopping me this year.

So let’s get to marketing, marketing my book to be exact.  I have been working on my Sam doll. I will post a picture later today to show you the progress. Last night I looked in my craft room and found my box of sculpy clay and to my surprise I still had lots. So this morning while having my coffee, I again worked on Sam. I am not sure whether to make him all in clay…or make his clothing out of fabric. I will think on that a bit.  

Isn't this the cutest little espresso cup?

    I have not worked with sculpy in  several years and I forgot how much fun it is to work with!