Here I am once again to talk to you about book marketing.I did a bit of work on Sam which you can see below…what fun! Think about it, I

25 days till Christmas

 am sure many of you, like me, have hobbies, besides writing incessantly, that you enjoy. Have you ever thought to bring that into your book selling?  Why not?  First of all you will have fun in the process and second of all, it can make the book marketing process be more personal.

For me it is sewing and crafting. Over the years I have made hundreds of items and actually not spent too much money on them. Well, let’s not include quilting in that statement. That is another story for another day. But crafting…most of my supplies I have bought over the years at the local thrift shops.  Going to the thrift shop is like being in a scavenger hunt. Remember being a kid and hunting for the hidden Easter Eggs or searching for christmas gifts in your parent’s room or searching for frogs!!

In the past years I have found lace, ribbon, scissors, buttons..lots and lots of buttons, thimbles, yarn, embroidery thread,measuring tapes, rulers, bags of stuffing, felt pieces, fur, snaps, beads, etc. My collection fills a closet, drawers , many boxes and my pegboard wall. Hank is only too happy for me to have this room…it keeps all of my STUFF in one room with a door that can be closed.  He has his own spaces as well and we have learned that permission is required for either of us to borrow anything from each other’s space. It works well..

Ok now…I am digressing…let’s ge back to marketing. What I am trying to say is that in marketing your book, you probably have something right under your nose that you can blend into your marketing plan. So now…let me think..doll making for me, but what about if you are a carpenter or a gardener…a  painter or quilter. Maybe you are a photographer or musician. What about embroidery or even baking. Get thinking.

Everyone has skills, passions and hobbies that I believe, if one is creative enough,  can be used to help personalize the marketing of  your book. So dig deep and think hard! What skill do you have that you can blend into selling of your book? You may say…very nice thought…but…I put all my time into my writing?  Well, we  all do that…so think again!

I have ranted on long enough. Now it is time to see step two in the development of Sam. I did this while having my morning coffee.

Sam Doll ...stage two

This stage is very simple.                                                                                                                     Just take your kitchen foil and wrap strips of it around the body parts to the fullness you would like….before covering with clay. You have to keep in mind that this little guy will get covered with sculpy clay and so must be a bit thinner that the final size. To hel me, I took my Sam picture and expanded it to the size I was working with to to help with the dimensions of the body.

The head is made with a ball of foil that I rolled and rolled, very hard on my granite counter, after each new foil sheet was added,  until it was smooth and as much in a well formed ball as I could get it. I kept adding more foil….taking large sheets and wrapping it around the ball until it was about 1/2 inch smaller than the final size. You should not be able to put any dents into the head…it should be very solid and hard.
 Next you decide where the neck will be, make a hole in the head, I used small scissor tips…and push the head onto the neck wire.To really secure it, take the head off, fill the hole with glue…elmers or anykind you have around the house, and push the head back on.  As you can see, the body is starting to take shape. I have left the ends of the hands and feet unfoiled as I am not exactly sure of the length yet.