These days my mind is swirling as I think about….writing on this site and the marketing of my book. In reading about marketing I became

Inspiration comes from unexpected places. I must keep an open mind.

 aware that it is a good idea to , at book signings, have a little something extra for those wonderful book buyers!!  Some sites tell you to have a bowl of candy while others say refreshments are the way to go.

At the book launch I attended last week the author had cookies, coffee and lemonade for visitors. What a good idea. It was pink lemonade to be exact, which I thought was a bit strange…it was not a hot summer’s day? and why of all drinks, pink lemonade? However after the book was read it became crystal clear. Pink lemonade was talked about in the story!!

And so I continue to brainstorm about Sam’s Weird Afternoon….let’s see, my book it about a little boy, and about shoes…lots and lots of shoes.  So, internet here I come….I check shoes, everything I can find about shoes.  There is shoe polish and shoe making. There are thousands of shoes for sale and hundred of different shoe horns.  There is shoe repair and shoe decorations like bows and clips and all kinds of decor thingy’s. 

Wow, lots of ideas to consider but nothing seemed to say…this is it… until I found it….shoe laces!  Why not shoe laces? At my readings I can give out a set of laces to whoever buys my book? That could be fun.  Hmmm…I will have to think about that one.

Did you know that there are thousands of different  shoe laces available out there? Did you know there are also many different countries that make and sell shoe laces for many different prices? It was actually quiet a bit of fun checking out the different types.  There are athletic laces, flat laces and string laces. There are different lengths of laces and laces for specific shoes/boots. You can find laces in every color of the rainbow and laces that look like rainbows. There are striped laces and checkered laces. Laces you can get with your logo on them and laces that are elastic and curly. There are also laces that are florescent and laces that light up.

Here is one of my dolls. He is covered with a collection of buttons and I use him as a pin cushion beside my sewing machine.

Well, that is one idea I will consider. And then my friend Eleanor asked if there was going to be a Sam doll???  What a great idea!!  When I ran this past my husband …a Sam doll…he told me I was getting ahead of myself and how on earth could I afford Sam dolls?  And then I told him…not Sam dolls…ONE SAM DOLL ….one that I would make to take with me to readings and signings. And he immediately took a sigh of relief…and agreed it was an interesting idea.  ( If you look hard, you will find Sam on one of my site pages)

Now this is something I could do…..with all my craft, sewing, bear making and doll making experience…surely I could make a Sam!!  Ok, now, I am excited all over again.  Not that I don’t have enough to keep me busy. In fact…this weekend is Christmas decorating at my house and that will take hours.