I have wondered if anyone out there is really interested in what I have to say, so I went to WordPress forums to get some answers. The forum has been a great place to find out how to set items up on a WordPress site. And  very quickly I found out there is a widget…weird name for a thingy…but yes…there is a widget I could put on my page, and so i quickly did just that.  Was I ever surprise to see over 1000 hits to my site.  Now I do not know if that includes all the hits I made in setting the site up…cause if that is so…I am sure about half of them are from me!!!    But even so….wow! 

So…to write daily or not????   I will do my best to have a daily note and photo….I love putting in photos. I think they make the reading so much more interesting…don’t you???  Maybe this could be my adult’s picture book to you. So here is one for this post…..

My two favorite people.