Be Creative

Marketing email lists-yes I am still working on my email lists. Last night I learned not to make them larger than 70 addresses in one grouping…as they may be identified as spam and never make it to their destinations….bit of good info to know for future when I get ready to tell the world about Sam. .

  Last night , my husband, my friend Myra and I took a drive into Winnipeg for a book launch. A good friend of ours was launching her new children’s book…Pajama Tears-by Eleanor Chornoboy. I was interested in going for two reasons…first to support my friend on her new book, which is very cute I might say, a book every little girl will love to own, and second to take in a book launching at McNally Robinson Book store…to see how it is done…for future reference.

Eleanor, whom I have known for years , has been a wonderful friend, mentor, and support of all of my attempts at trying to be creative. So I did not have to think too long and hard in deciding to attend her book launch . She on the other hand, is extremely creative…an exquisite potter and   successful published author of a number of books over the past few years.

 I try to be creative….I have a whole room full of stuff to be creative with. There was a time in the 90’s when I took a drawing class with friend Myra. We learned to work in charcoal and I spent hours and hours drawing at home … actually believing that if I practiced enough I might  become  good at it. Never happened. However, at the finish of the class we had to have two pieces, finished and framed, which were hung in a small gallery  “Heaven” in Winnipeg.  (the irony of it is that one of my pieces was a picture of an angel) Surprise, surprise…both my pieces were sold, and it felt very strange. Was I glad so see them go? After all, I had no place to hang them in my home, or was I sad…sad that they were all I had to show for all those hours of drawing, now gone, and truth be that  I may never again pick up charcoal and draw. But  they were gone, and  I was never  to see them again, or so I thought!

As life will have it, there are always silver linings and in this case, it occurred the next time I visited Eleanor’s home.  I headed downstairs for some reason and just as I got to the last step…there it was….my drawing hanging there on her basement wall for all to see!  I must have stared at it for some time… in shock….amazement…glee…and a bit of intimidation.  Just as I had bought many of her pottery pieces, which I still have to this day, she now owned a piece of my work.  Life it strange that way.