Launch date quandary….After attending my friend’s Book launching, it made me think more seriously about book launch dates and how important  that date is in having a responsive audience.  Eleanor’s launch took place in November which is a great time …just before Christmas… books make great christmas presents.  I think I was so worried about my character illustration that I did not focus on the just as  important piece…launch date.

But now that Sam , whom my sister says could be  my alter ego, is born, and I can relax about that …my  launch date started to worry me. June?  June would be the worst time to get out there and sell a children’s book, school  is about to finish, summer holidays are about to start and everyone is in relax mode.  So I thought, how about September?  School is back in session, school libraries are open and possibly looking for new books for the year and if I do readings and signings in Sept, Oct. I do believe I would have a more receptive audience. November might be even better but I don’t think I can wait that long.

So the next thing I did was to send-off an email to my publisher’s marketing department…to pass all of my thoughts by them about a launch date and moving it a few months farther into the year etc. . And now I wait. With American Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and my publisher being located in the US of A…I do not expect to hear anything until next week.

How I would feel if..... Sculpture made by Susan Pharaoh

Black Friday?  Who ever came up with such a name. It’s not  a 13th…friday the 13…now that might explain it. So I asked Kurt, my illustrator about where  the name came from?  He said his coworkers were discussing  just that but did not have an answer. When I think of  Black Friday the first thing that comes to mind is..death, funeral, loss, something depressing. So how could one of the happiest days for retailers be called black.

 Ohhhh…ohhhh….wait a second…I think I have it!!!  is it possible that it is called BLACK  because on that day American’s credit cards are maxed out????  Makes sense to me. If no one has a better explaination…I am sticking to that. I do believe that would be a very black day for me…one of which I don’t forsee occurring anytime soon.