Sam is in the making…Today I received a call from my publisher…the illustrator that is..who has been assigned to my book. He talked to me  on the phone and went through the illustration and design phases. We discussed SAM…what he visualized him to look like and what I pictured him to be.  Kurt is his name and after talking for about half an hour, we said good-bye and he promised  he would get to work immediately. AND HE DID.

This afternoon I received the first sketch of Sam…and it made me smile.  How exciting. I must have told my poor husband about the call , way too many times and I think my excitement was a bit much for him . Sam was by no means perfect yet…but what a great start.

My thoughts….I thought Sam looked a bit too old…not 5-6 but rather 8-9 years old  and asked Kurt if he could make him younger looking…and he did it  in short order. . After emailing back and forth a number of times….Voila!!…Sam. Not quite prefect yet but with a few little changes I think my Sam is about to arrive.

This was the part I was most worried about and now I can relax. Kurt is easy to work with and he is happy to get all my comments and advice. Tate truly does  allow the author to be a part of the process and I sure do like that. . Tomorrow we will complete Sam…and then Kurt will hibernate for a bit and work on the different drawings.