Illustrations….SAM HAS ARRIVED….not the book but my character. After many emails

I am smiling today.

 back and forth, Kurt and I have come up with a little guy whom I am very excited about.  Wow… am I ever surprised at how quickly this process has gone….2 days…and a new character has been created. Working with Kurt has been fun…kind of like police sketches…. giving the information to be drawn and then a skilled sketch artist gets to work.

Developing a character is interesting….some of the comments I made to the illustrator were…make him younger…shorter…bigger feet…freckles…dimples…chubbier fingers. It was that simple and each time after my comments, a new drawing would come to me through cyberspace…and each time a revised Sam arrived…the changes were made. Voila…that simple. 

So now Kurt…after having a great American Thanksgiving…will hibernate. I will not hear from him for a week or two while he works on 10 pictures for Sam’s Weird Afternoon. This will give me time to work on my email  and mailing lists…and they are getting large.

If you, or anyone you know who might  like to receive emails announcement about my book, please contact me and I will put their email on my list.

I am a happy camper today…Sam has arrived !