for anyone who already read this post you would have seen all my spelling errors…all corrected now !!  I know…facinate is spelled fascinate.


Last night I got to thinking about rhyming words…one of my favorite interests these days.  Why does this fascinate me????   fascinate, fascinate…hmmmm, I wonder what rhymes with fascinate. And then it began, the words just started to pour out and I grabbed a paper and pencil and began to write…

fascinate……imitate,concentrate, celebrate, calculate, agitate, animate, create, collate, donate, debate, deflate, deviate, dictate, elevate, evacuate, freight,  graduate, hydrate,  indicate, isolate, mediate, operate. And as I went through the alphabet they just kept coming…pulsate, rotate, situate, recreate, tintilate, urinate, vibrate.

The list went on and on. I found over 100 words that rhyme with hesitate and I am quite sure if I tried, I would find even more.  Now the big question I ask myself  is…”Self…now what am I going to do with that list of words?”  I guess…just slip it in my binder with all the rest.