I have made many email groups …family, close friends, media, bookstores, public libraries, schools, school libraries, newspapers, old

This little heart chimes when you move it...if you look very close you can see a reflection of me taking the photo. This photo has absolutely nothing to do with book making...but...I thought you might like another photo.

 friends, past coworkers and a few more. Whew….Now I have a  place to put new entries into. I now have 7 more months to keep adding to these lists. I figure ..if I put in 10 a day, by the time my book marketing needs to be done…I may be ready.   This is very tedious and time-consuming. Oh…I shouldn’t  forget that I also started a mailing list for press kits.

At the present I have no idea what my publisher will be doing for me with  marketing …so I will go on the assumption…not a lot …and that way I may be happily surprised at how they do help me.