Today I sat down and gathered together all the book marketing  information I have found on the internet over the past 4 months or so,

start now...don't wait

 and I have to say…there is tons.  What I focused on is the nine months leading to my book release and what actions I can take to get ready to sell, sell , sell.  I bought myself a spiral bound, journal and that will be my MARKETING BIBLE so to speak.  Beginning at month 10…which for me was September, I divided the pages and entitled each section by month and number.

For example…October is 9, November is 8 and so on till June …being zero-0…at which time my book will be for least that is the plan right now.

As I read through  pages and pages of marketing material, I noted at each month what  actions that were reccomended to be done  at that time. The last 10 pages I saved for finances…my costs and my income  ( my book sales, royalties and so on).  It doesn’t give me much room to write in much more and once it was all neatly organized, I must say….I was a bit overwhelmed !!

don't wait

Good thing I took the time to do this now…I am already behind for not having done this sooner but  I found that I had been already been working on suggested items such as mailing address lists and email lists. My advise would be…don’t wait till a month or two before your book is to come out as you will have missed some important deadlines and have to work fast and furious to catch up.