My Book of Happiness....A gift from my friend Katie, I will keep this book close at hand for the year ahead to use as a reminder to smile even if the days get trying.

Today is Saturday and I am a bit weary. I spent the night thinking and dreaming about illustrations for my book and no matter how I tried, I could not get those thoughts out of my head. I don’t remember thinking about anything in particular but I do remember it was about illustrations in general. When I woke this morning to the sound of the coffee grinder, just as I do most mornings, my body  felt as if I had worked all night. As I walked to the kitchen I became aware of my whole aching muscles…as if I had had a good workout yesterday, which I didn’t.  I drank the coffee my husband fixed for me this morning ,just as he does every morning and it tasted wonderful. Ahhh coffee…now that’s the way to start the morning. 

Last night after a delicious dinner of lamb, the one meat I used to hate to eat as a kid as it had an odd sweet taste ….I had a good discussion about my book with a good friend, my proofreader to be exact.  The lamb we had last night tasted very different from what  I remembered as a kid…it was scruptious. We talked about my dreams for the book and I  told her about some of my ideas for marketing. It was late and I could see that she was very tired after a week of teaching 2nd graders,  but she attended to my ramblings and had a number of good ideas she shared with me. I must start keeping a journal/list of all the ideas so I don’t forget them when the time comes to take action.

I was rereading the info I received from my publisher this morning , about children’s book marketing and this week I am going to make a calendar of tasks to be done so I can actually start developing a business plan for the coming year. I don’t really consider myself to have a business, however, it is always good to plan for the growing possibilities. I have seen a number of people take on a small business endeavor and not plan properly. Then when that business grew…they were not ready for it.

THINK  BIG  is what I say. I am not HOPING to sell books….I am PLANNING on selling books. Have the right attitude is what they always tell you. Who THEY are, I have no idea…but…nothing ventured nothing gained….right????