Yes…Zero Hour has come and gone. Like sending my daughter off to school on her first day, I sent my manuscript in to my publisher. Whew….worried and excited and relieved…all at the same time.  One thing is that… now that  it is in …a person can not fret over it any longer with questions like…is the spelling all correct?  Do the sentences sound good? Should I make any changes? Is the grammar correct? Do I like all the sentences?

Decisions, Decisions….my thinking is that once a decision is made…move on.  There will be plenty more decisions right around the corner and to be ready for them I must have a clear head. So…not worrying about the one I just made seems to make the most sense.I want to be able to  make the best decision next time around. 

I make decisions thousands of times everyday….What time to get up?  What to have for breakfast?  What will I wear today? And although many of them are really quite trivial, there are  people who apply more importance to them than they really deserve and make life much more difficult than it need be. However, there are the decisions that do need careful attention , time and sometimes research …to get all the info need to make the BEST decision you can at the time you must make it. Getting a book published is one of those times.  

And with that said….zero hour has come and gone for the conceptual part of my book . That part is  finished and in.  With the help of my editor, who provided me with comments and things to think about during this process…I made my final decision about how the story would sound.

In retrospect or hindsight…sure  I could have made lots of different decisions in my life but I try to tell myself that each decision is  my best… with what I have to work with… at that time                And I believe I have done my best for today.

I have many more stages yet to go…but I am glad this one went so smoothly.  A big thanks to all who helped and supported me so far.

Moving On....