Voila…I have a proofreader.. She is one of the endorsers of my book…Marg Kelso…thanks a bunch Marg !!! I had the good fortune of reading my story for the first time to her grade two class in June and what fun it was to find out how it , my story would be accepted.  The big question was…what are fringes and what are hinges?  Each child in the class drew me a picture of Sam or his room or shoes. The did a wonderful job and it felt good to get the story out there to kids to find out …IF…it would be enjoyed. I think they liked it which made me feel so good.

Tomorrow I fax in my Content Approval Form and email in the final draft to Tate for my conceptual editor..Ashley.  Now comes the fun part…the illustrations and the layout.  Since it is a children’s book I am hoping the font can be done in such a fashion that ..when Sam is yelling or upset that the words/font will show that ….larger or differnt…or bolder. I will have to work on that so when I hear from the illustration department I will have already done my homework.