Illustration by Michelle ...for a different Sam adventure I have written.

Just recieved what I hope is my final draft for grammar and spelling . It is looking good and I have chosen  and asked someone to be my proofreader. So I wait for her reasponse before I send her the final draft.

. Lots of waiting in the publishing of a book. Patience, patience, patience !!  Lucky for me that all my years of quilting have taught me patience. It is good to slow down and learn the art of waiting.

So next comes illustration of my book. I am excited about this phase but also nervous. Will I like the illustrations? Will Sam look like I want him to? Will I like the type of illustrating that is presented to me? Ok , Ok…enough already! . My editor has reassured me

Illustration is such an exciting part of the process, and you have nothing to be nervous about. Tate has some wonderful designers, and I know they’ll be able to produce something great for your book. I also think your illustrator will really enjoy working on your book because it’s so fun and there’s a lot they can do with it. I look forward to seeing the illustrations myself!” Ashlet Luckett