Publishing A B C's


A is for acknowledgements and possible advances

B is for book backmatter and binding and byline

C is for character count and contract

D is for dedications and desktop publishing

E is for editing and endorsements and e-books

F is for fonts and first draft

G is for ghostwriter and grammar

H is for hard cover and hard copy

I is for illustrations and ISBN

J is for jot – jot- jotting

K is for keyline

L is for launch and Literary Agent

M is for manuscript and marketing

N is for niche

O is for over run and opacity

P is for page count and Print on Demand

Q is for quotation marks and query

R is for rewriting, reviews and royalties

S is for Self and Subsidy Publishing

T is for time line and Trade Publishing

U is for unending editing and under run

V is for vocabulary and Vanity Publishing

W is for wording, website and web press

X is for xerography

Y is for your copy write



Z is for zero hour (submission of the final draft)  
Each stage of the process is exciting and nerve-racking an it is important to make sure it is just as you want it to be. Tomorrow another re edit is to arrive via email for me to review. Now it seems I need a proof reader before I sign and send in the Content Approval Form for grammar and wording.
Once it is in, no changes can be made on this conceptual editing stage.
Hmmmm….now who can I ask to help me with this ?  Aha..I have it !!!
You will find out on my next posting.
Till then…happy day  !