Sam’s Weird Afternoon, Editing…. so the editing began and before I could do too much, back to my editor I went with questions about backmatter and endorsements and word count. It was the endorsements that seemed to cause me the most angst.  Wow…where did that word come from? I have never actually used that word before on paper or in conversation.  Very weird.

 After much contemplation over endorsements come the questions… who do you ask? Who will write one? Will people say no? Will people make fun of you writing? will people pretend to like your work?  Will they write something nice? Do you ask people you know or just friends and family? How about other writers? Maybe they would help out?  How about people on-line? would anyone write a bad one,  endorsement that is? 

After belaboring over these and many more ????’s , I sallied ..(another word I don’t use) forth and exposed my story to the world in hopes of at least one nice endorsement I might use for my book. I sallied forth to a variety of people and was happily surprised with the response. Sending out a piece of your work  can be compared to being naked at a dinner party or…floating in the ocean hoping someone from the boat going by will toss you a rope.  It is a very vulnerable feeling and a strange place to decide to put yourself in.

So, following all of that emotional ride, I now come to a dilema…I recieved three wonderful endorsements but now my editor tells me they will only be able to use one of them !!  Does she not know about all the anguish I went through to get them?  Can she not somehow make at least one more fit in the book ?  After my initial emotions settled and I was able to think a bit more rationally…the cup of coffee helped … I sat down and decided to rewrite some of the …what is called …backmatter to try to make room for at least one more endorsement.

And so I began. If there was any redundancy in the info….slash…it was gone. If there was any unnecessary info….cut…it was gone.  When done original back matter had gone from 95 word with one endorsement to 94 words with two endorsements.  It is looking pretty good , at least that’s how I see it. I have sent the changes off to Ashley my wonderful editor and can only hope she will like what I have done. If so…two of my endorsements and all of my mental anguish in acquiring them will have been well worth it. My apologies to my endorsers if they do not get in my book.