Dreams do come true

In searching for endorsements , I decided to take a shot in the dark…and although it did not produce an endorsement it was well worth the effort.  I , with much intrepidation, mailed  my story to Robert Munsch and then ..just as quickly forgot about it . I did not ever expect a response. Well, was I ever surprised to receive in the mail, a letter and a signed copy of his most recent book entitled “Down the Drain“, wishing me luck with my writing!!  Not an endorsement … which I never truly expected…but something much more lasting…quiet support and  motivation to keep writing. .  Thanks Robert !!!

By the way..if you’re looking  for a fun book, full of action and imagination… Down the Drain   is the one to get.  And with Christmas coming up…what a great gift it would make for you kids, grandkids…or even you. 

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down the drain