Edit, Edit, Edit

Sam’s Weird Afternoon ..I received a re- edited copy of my story today via email from my Publisher/Editor . There were very few changes noted except punctuation.  I wanted almost none except the ? and !’s  but was advised otherwise…so…that’s ok with me. Also it seems there is only room for one of my endorsements ( I have three) which is a bummer as it I found it difficult to even ask for them. I think I will make a few more changes on my “backmatter” and maybe then one more endorsement..(edited a bit) will be able to fit in.  I have 11 days to work on it and get it back to my editor. Monday morning …after I spend some time in my mini gym downstairs…I will work on it and try to get it all finished. At each step of the way it seems I have lots of time but it is funny how life gets in the way of life. So no procrastinating from this gal..



Tick, Tick, Tick