Writing for children … Magic and Wonder. For anyone who knows me, they are aware that the christmas season is my favorite holiday time of  year.  Magic and wonder are two of the reasons why.  There are no little children in my daily life at present, but, when there was, the magic and wonder of the season is what I tried to share. I think that there is something about the look . the twinkle in a small child’s eyes when you chat with him about Santa, the reindeer that fly, the elves  and toy making and the cookies that get eaten on Christmas eve, that can do nothing but warm a person’s heart. Magic and wonder …wonder and magic.  Santa, is he real or is he just a figment of someone’s imagination?  What is real anyway?  How about a memory?  Is what your memory recalls of your childhood actually real or is it YOUR perceived reality…fiction?  Is the sky really blue or is it just what our mind tells our eyes to see?  Are there UFO’s or are they just a speck in the sky that we cannot explain, real or fiction?  So many questions about so many things. 



Children believe in things that we can’t even imagine.  Santa is one of those things.  To them they do not question HOW Santa gets down the chimney , or how he can visit every child on the globe in one night….he just can and does!  Children do not ask how come Santa never gets older or why doesn’t Santa get frostbite on Christmas eve?  And if per chance they should ask , from me they will hear that the answer is in the magic .  Children will believe the unbelievable, children will imagine the unimaginable!  As adults we can do one of two things, encourage magic and wonder and help a child’s imagination grow or discourage it and encourage their little minds to be synical , unbelieving and shut the door on possibilities.

They will grow older , the children and begin asking questions when they are ready. They will grow older and their reality will begin to change.  They will grow older and hopefully not become  synical but  interested. The children will grow olde  and my hope is that as they do, they allow all the little children in their lives to dream …to continue to believe the unbelievable and imagine the unimaginable .