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Write, Write, Write

Writing and words.  In writing my children’s stories I love so much…to do them in rhyme. I have pages and pages                                              with lists of rhyming words so I have them to refer to. You may have never  thought too much about rhyming words, or even cared. But, the truth is,  it  is actually fun to do…find words that rhyme. In fact it becomes quite addictive.  Here are a few examples…..

Let’s start with  INK…here we go..ink, sink, kink, mink, pink, zinc, link, blink, brink, clink, chink, dink, wink, drink, slink, stink, think, twink, shrink, unlink, unlink, rethink, kachink, ratfink, hoodwink, skating rink, interlink, overdrink, preshrink,   …or …here is another one….sake, snake, shake, bake, brake, fake, lake, make, rake, take wake, stake, ache…. and then there are words that are more difficult to rhyme like …cup….her…. and  boy.

The trick is to writing a  story in rhyme is that it come together smoothly, nothing should sound forced. In Sam’s Weird Afternoon, the phrase in one of the paragraph’s was difficult to come up with…so I just put in something that rhymed.  But as my editor noted…it sounded like I I just threw that sentence together to try and make it rhyme . I knew she was correct as I never really liked that part myself. Her comments made me rethink that part of my story and after an hour or two of working on it, I finally had it.