DSC04181               Writing books, Wonder and magic will have to wait till tomorrow . I just returned from our town Rememberance Day services and felt that..that… was more important to  talk about today.  We arrived a bit late to the ceremonies but were fortunate to find 2 empty seats.  As I sat there this morning, listening to the trumpet, the orchestra and the words being said…my mind began to wander..not wonder…but wander. We shall not forget…we must not forget…is all I was thinking.

 I had had a good breakfast earlier but for some reason, at  that moment, my stomach informed me  that I was very hungry. For a minute I wished I had something in my purse to eat…and it was then that I realized how fortunate I was.  In just one short hour I would be back in my beautiful kitchen fixing myself something to eat…and I would have so many choices !!  There are  others who will never be able to enjoy …what we would call…necessities of life…simple necessities of life.  Our everyday items are unattainable luxuries for many.

We must remember them! Not just today.  But as often as possible . Not just on the days when the sky is blue and the birds are singing, but more so  on the days that seem to be the darkest. We must remember them …Because of them even our darkest days are so much brighter  than they would be if they never believed in fighting for our freedom.  

Some may not like or believe in war as a good thing , some may not believe in fighting as a way of attaining peace and freedom, however…