Today a friend was talking to all of us around a dining table and used the word, precipitous. I thought about it for a mini second, then, as I had no idea what the meaning was I asked.  Before he could say a word I stopped him short and asked another person at the table if they knew what the word meant. I was interested to know if it was only…I…whose vocabulary was full of smaller more simpler words. This other friend  thought and thought and as not to keep her on the hot seat, I turned back to the person who used it …for the meaning.  This was cause for others at the table to share their LARGE words, of course..none of which I knew or had even ever heard in all my years.  Surely I was not the only one in the dark…but no one else showed it. Is my vocabulary that limited? I wondered. But then it came to me why. My reasoning? Preschool children… my career had me in the company of little tykes for over 25 years and I had to work hard to keep my vocabulary at their level.  Oh well, sounds like a good reason to me!  As I did not write down any of the other BIG WORDS  down, I could only remember this one. So, if you are looking for a word of the day, here you are……

 pre·cip·i·tous (pr-sp-ts)

1. Resembling a precipice; extremely steep. See Synonyms at steep1.
2. Having several precipices: a precipitous bluff.
3. Usage Problem Extremely rapid, hasty, or abrupt; precipitate