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Sam’s Weird Afternoon is being edited       November 9, 2009

     Have you ever thought about writing and trying to get something published?  I  thought about it for many years but just didn’t know where to start.  There are so many possibilities and thinking about why you want to get your words into a book, I think, can help with the decision.  Believing that you have ….the story…the one that everyone will want to read or the one that is going to be the next best seller will very quickly fade after just a little bit of research on the net.  You soon find out your wonderful creation is one of thousands of wonderful creations which brings a whole new perspective to your work and brings a reality to publishing and marketing, if you still decide to continue.

There are lots of questions to answer like…do you self publish or try the  vanity publishing route?  Do you go with a subsidy publisher or try submitting to a traditional publisher? Do you go with a large publisher or a small?  Are you wanting a short or a long publishing time line? Do you have the resourses for editing, illustrations and cover work? Do you have the energy, time and knowledge to market your book? Who will you ask to read and endorse your work?  Do you want a hard cover or soft cover book?  Do you want an Ebook as well?  The questions go on and on. 

Sam’s Weird Afternoon and other writers      November 7, 2009

Today I attended a craft show and met two other writers with whom I had conversations with about publishing. They both self published and it was interesting to hear all about how it went for them. One of the books I bought and you can find it on my Library page with a link.

Sam’s Weird Afternoon…now I wait        November 6 , 2009

Ideas….while I wait for the next process I continue to put pen to paper. I have lists of rhyming words, pages of them in fact but the task is coming up with new ideas and adventures for Sam to get into.  I like coming up with normal day activities that turn into much more. Sam is a good little boy but it seems that some days, for no good reason,  trouble finds him.  Got any ideas???  I would love to hear them.


Sam’s Weird Afternoon…what will Sam look like?       November 6, 2009

I was doing some thinking about Sam today, wondering what he looks like and how the illustrator will envision my little character. I so wish I could illustrate so I could develop my own pictures for the book. Ahhh, but not so. I am not sure what he should look like but before I give any of my thoughts I will wait and see what my Tate illustrator comes up with.  On November 15th I am supposed to hear from Ashley, my conceptual editor. I look forward to that next step.


Sam’s Weird Afternoon is presently in the publishing process. So far … gramatical editing is over and now Sam is in the conceptuall editing  process.  There are many more steps to go through and in June of 2010 , Sam will arrive. Being a small children’s book it has not entailed too much work so far.The publishing staff have been very efficient…they say I will hear from them on a certain date and they have been very true to their word. Makes the anticipation of waiting for hearing from them much less stressful.